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CMS Star Rating and Annual DHS Quality Review

Care Wisconsin received  4.5 stars (out of 5) for the CMS Star Rating Access the memo here.

Care Wisconsin participates in an annual quality review of our Family Care, Partnership and SSI programs that is conducted by an external review organization, Metastar.

We constantly strive to improve the quality of our programs, care, and services. We strive to meet and exceed expectations. Here are some comments from our last Annual Quality Review report:

  • Care Wisconsin strongly values staff development and provides a variety of training and other professional growth opportunities for staff at all levels. 
  • The organization values and supports member rights. 
  • Staff consistently engages in mediation and negotiation with members who have grievances or appeals, in order to understand the source of their concerns and resolve disagreements. 
  • The organization has in place a comprehensive approach for developing, maintaining, and monitoring its provider network. 
  • Staff seeks to work with providers in a way that fosters learning, quality improvement, and collaboration. 
  • A Provider Quality Committee integrates staff from multiple departments and levels of the organization. 
  • Care Wisconsin has a structured quality management system which includes consistent monitoring, collection and analysis of data, and development of strategies to improve the quality of member care and organizational operations. 
  • Staff, members, and providers are engaged in the quality management program in a variety of ways.