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Care Wisconsin Success Stories

Read our members' stories and learn how we partner with others in the community to make lives better.

  • Member Shines with Project SEARCH, employer and Care Wisconsin Support
    Read how our member, Nate, has built a reputation for outstanding service for his employer.
  • Gaining More Independence and Self-Esteem Through Self-Direction
    Self-directed supports helped 33-year-old Sofia feel more like an adult.
  • From Reality to Dream
    One family found support in caring for their mother when she started showing signs of dementia. 
  • A 180-Degree Difference
    For Richard, a Care Wisconsin Partnership member, moving has brought about a 180-degree change.
  • Setting Goals and Stretching to Meet Them
    It's in Dustin's nature to keep reaching, always setting goals. He's met a lot of them, and he's not done yet. 
  • Taking the Long Road to Success
    Read about Chris who has knows there are no shortcuts in life as he has travelled from day center to college learning a lot both in and out of the classroom. 
  • Unexpected Opportunities and Unexpected Rewards
    Irv and Lois weren’t expecting anything to change for their two sons, Tom and Mike, who are both members of the Family Care program. But both have experienced change in the past months and both have flourished.
  • Persistence and Patience - Thinking Long-Term for Long-Term Success
    Patience and persistence were key to helping Nora find more stability. Her sister Mary says keeping the long-term vision in mind is not about quick solutions but about trying the right thing until it works.  Doing so has helped bring her sister back. 
  • Making Sure a Daughter Will Thrive as Parents Age
    As many parents do, Maria's father and stepmother wanted to make sure their daughter with Down syndrome could continue to live safely and independently as they aged. This is the story of how they worked with their family and their Family Care team to eventually transition her from living with them to living with her sister.
  • Finding Independence at Work and Home
    Brent is living like most 22-year-olds. He has a job, lives with three other roommates, and likes to visit his parents, but also likes to go back home again. It was always what his mom Lisa wanted for Brent, who is legally blind and part of the Care Wisconsin Family Care program in Washington County.

  • Bringing Passion to Work for 19 Years
    Most of us won’t work at any one job for 19 years. But Tony, a member of the Care Wisconsin Family Care program in Dodge County, has been bringing passion to his job at a local supermarket for that long. He can tell you the exact date he started.

  • Provider Spotlight: Northwoods Incorporated

    Northwoods has been in the Care Wisconsin network since 2008 and served many members in a variety of ways. Their care and expertise has impacted many people especially Yael, a member who has been working with them for many years.

  • Finding Fulfillment and Happiness in Productivity
    Tara used to become agitated easily, but you’d never guess that when you talk to her today. Today she is happy to tell you about all the activities she does for fun — including her job.
  • Working to Make Everything Fall Into the Right Place
    "Mark" has been working for more than a year at a trucking company.  He likes his job, and his employer is happy with his work. It took a lot of time and coaching to find the right employment situation where Mark could put his unique talents to work in an environment that was right for him.

  • Meaningful Day: How Changing the Day’s Activities Changed One Man’s Attitude
    How you spend your day, is how you spend your life. When Josh, a 26-year-old with cerebral palsy began spending his days doing things that were a better match for his skills and interests, his attitude and days became much more joyful.

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