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Caring Starts with a Shared Mission and Values…

Over the last 40 years, Care Wisconsin has evolved from a small service organization into a 700-person company (and growing) operating in over 50 Wisconsin counties. This type of growth has inspired us to “double down” on defining what culture means at Care Wisconsin and commit to making it the best place to work.

What does this mean in practice when most companies claim to have outstanding culture? Here are just a few initiatives that demonstrate how we actively promote a dynamic, diverse, and inclusive workplace.

  • Learning

    Our energies have been and will continue to focus on continuous learning. We have a department dedicated to the professional training and development of staff. We’re sharpening skills and knowledge while paying attention to the whole person. We have a series of wellness programs, ad hoc classes, and seminars available for staff to enjoy.

  • Inclusivity

    In 2018 we’re kicking off a multi-year inclusivity and equity partnership program with the YWCA. Our staff will tackle some serious topics, like the role that implicit bias plays in our own and others’ lives. Although we have mission-minded staff already attuned to social issues, we know there’s always more to learn, more perspectives to consider.

  • Engagement

    Care Wisconsin culture isn’t defined by a group of people behind closed doors. Although we take our cues from an outstanding leadership team, the staff is ultimately responsible for encouraging and modeling the behaviors that define us. We have a volunteer Employee Engagement group that takes grassroots ideas and moves them forward.

If this sounds like an organization you’d like to work for and with, please visit our careers page to check out current opportunities.

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Company Culture At Care WI

Care Wisconsin staff enjoys Hurts Donuts truck at the office

Our HR team is always thinking of clever ways to surprise staff.

8 African American women smile and laugh standing in front of Madison Capitol Building in Downtown Madison

Care Wisconsin staff take part in an Equity and Inclusion Wellness Retreat.

​Care Wisconsin wears purple to raise awareness against domestic violence

Staff raise money and awareness for another community partner.

​Care Wisconsin staff transports food donations on cart

Staff donate their own time and resources when natural disasters strike.

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