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Please Note: There are no changes to the Family Care authorization process at this time. Please continue to contact the member's care team for authorizations for Family Care.

Prior Authorizations

Prior authorization is required for some services, procedures and tests for our Medicaid SSI, Medicare Dual Advantage, and Partnership before the service is provided. See the following resources for more information:

Prior Authorization Forms

All requests for Prior Authorization must be made by faxing the approved forms below to 608-210-4050.
Note: These forms are for SSI, Partnership, and Medicare Dual Advantage only. See the Care Wisconsin Prior Authorization Reference Document for more information on services that require Prior Authorizationin Family Care, Medicaid SSI, Medicare Dual Advantage, and Partnership. 

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Family Care and Partnership Service Authorizations

Please be sure that the person for whom you are providing services under Family Care or Partnership is a Care Wisconsin member. To access services, Partnership and Medicare Dual Advantage, members use their Care Wisconsin Health Plan Member ID card and Family Care and SSI members members use their Wisconsin Medicaid Forward ID Card. (Please note: There is not a separate member ID card for Family Care or SSI.)

For Family Care and Partnership, prior authorization is required for home and community-based (long-term care) services, and claims will not be paid without specific authorization. Please contact a member's Care Wisconsin care team to receive prior authorization for these services. For more information about service authorizations or contacts, see Service Authorizations. 

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MIDAS Authorization Portal – Family Care Only

Access MIDAS

The MIDAS Authorization Portal is available for Family Care only. MIDAS gives Providers electronic access to search and view service authorizations.

To register for access to the MIDAS Authorization Portal please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include your Tax Identification Number, Location Name (s), and the Primary user’s First and Last Name.

To access the MIDAS Authorization User Guide click here

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