​Caring Starts with Every Call

Our Customer Service team is here to help our members, providers, caretakers, and other community members:

  • Get quick answers to frequently asked questions about programs and benefits
  • Have inquiries routed to the right department or person
  • Receive information on upcoming events
  • And much, much more!

Our goal is to resolve concerns or questions as quickly as possible and our team does just that. But, our Customer Service team’s work goes much further.

Customer Service at Care Wisconsin isn’t just a collection of job tasks, it’s a philosophy of helpful action that is deeply rooted in our mission and completely connected to our culture.

When you call 1-800-963-0035, you’re not just getting an “operator” at Care Wisconsin. You’re chatting with an integral member of our staff who is helping make your world, and ours, a better place.

Care WI Customer Service Staff

Customer Service Manager at Care Wisconsin

Everyone needs to give and get hugs! CS Manager shows some love.

A woman smiles and cooks pancakes holding a spatula

Our Marketing team hosts a staff appreciation Pancake Pop-Up.

​Customer Service staff member at Care Wisconsin

You can always count on Tim for a smile in the hall and on the phone!

Customer Service staff member at Care Wisconsin

Jim's our newest addition to the Customer Service team.

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Find out how to access interpreter services or other resources in a way that works for you.

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Learn basic eligibility and contact information for each Care Wisconsin program.

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Care Wisconsin has four programs across 51 Wisconsin counties.

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