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Here’s Your Quick-Reference for Getting the Most Out of Your Benefits!

Here are some quick-links and phone numbers to get you connected to your Medicare Dual Advantage benefits. At any point, you can also look for important documents in our Medicare Dual Advantage Resource Library.

I need to find a physician in the Care Wisconsin network. Where do I look?

To find a network provider, visit our online provider directory here. If you want a printed copy of the directory or would like help selecting a network provider, please call us toll-free at 1-800-963-0035 and our friendly staff can help.

I need to find a pharmacy near me?

Wonderful. Try our online pharmacy locator! You can always call us if you need help at 1-800-963-0035.

I’m excited to use my Over-the-Counter supplemental benefit. How do I place an order?

You’ll receive a print copy of the OTC catalog in the mail the first week in January. Eligible members can place their order over the phone by calling (toll-free) 1-855-816-9469. Staff is ready to help you use your $60/month benefit on personal care and other items.

Would you prefer to order by mail? If so, request another catalog copy at 1-855-816-9469. Or, you can print another order form. To mail in your order form, send to:

OTC Servicing Center
PO Box 267067
Weston, FL 33326-9895

OTC orders ship within a week of placing your order!

I would like to use my Vision benefit.

When you want to use your vision benefit (eyeglasses, some eyeglass upgrades, or contact lenses), talk to your vision provider and show them your Care Wisconsin Medicare Dual Advantage ID card. Your provider will call our Vision Benefit center to get an authorization. That number is toll free 1-855-516-2724.

You have $150/year to use on this vision benefit. Please keep this in mind when selecting your eyeglasses, contacts, or eyeglass upgrades as you will be responsible for any balance.

For example, if you order a $300 pair of eyeglasses, your Care Wisconsin Vision benefit will pay $150. That would leave you with a bill for $150 to the vision or optical shop.

I would like to use my Dental benefit.

When your dentist recommends a crown to protect your tooth, have them call Care Wisconsin for authorization. Your dentist should call 1-800-963-0035 for the authorization code. Show your dentist your Care Wisconsin membership card and they should do the rest. Care Wisconsin’s benefit is for one laboratory-made porcelain crown up to $850 (per year).

I would like a Personal Emergency Service device (PERS).

If you would like a PERS device, we’re happy to help. You can contact your Care Team staff directly to place your order or call our toll-free Customer Service line at 1-800-963-0035  and we can get you to the right person. Ordering is easy and PERS units usually arrive in 2 weeks.

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