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What is Partnership?

LearnMoreAboutMedicareCardsPartnership is a publicly funded program that helps frail seniors and adults with disabilities manage health, medical, and long-term care needs.

Members are part of a care team (this links to a non-Medicare portion of our site) that includes a nurse practitioner, social worker, registered nurse, care coordinator, and administrative assistant. You also choose a primary care physician from our group of contracted providers and your care team will work with that doctor to coordinate your care. Family members or others in the member's support network may also be a part of the team.

  • Care teams discuss your goals, assess your abilities and needs and name your long-term care outcomes.
  • The team creates a plan just for you that supports your health, medical and long-term care outcomes that help you become as healthy and independent as possible.
  • The plan includes items in the Partnership benefit plan plus other natural supports that will help you achieve your outcomes.
  • Teams use the Resource Allocation Decision (RAD) process which looks at the most effective, yet cost-effective services, supports and community resources to support you.
  • Here are a few examples of services that may be included in the plan, based on your long-term care outcomes and health needs:
    • Primary, hospital and emergency medical care
    • Lab, X-ray and outpatient health services
    • Medical equipment and supplies
    • Preventive health care and immunizations
    • Personal care services
    • Assistance with medications
    • Dental and vision care
    • Home health services
    • Transportation
    • Therapy services
    • Adult day care
    • End-of-life care
  • Members access these services through Care Wisconsin's local provider network.
  • Members own natural and community supports, such as family, friends, neighbors and others are also an important part of the care plan.
  • The care team stays in contact with you to ensure all parts of the care plan are working and make changes if needed.

Self-Directed Supports

You may also choose to self-direct some or all of your long-term care services. If you choose this option, you develop a plan to meet your outcomes using people and service providers of your choice. Members can self-direct as much or as little of their care as they like. Learn more about self-directed care .