Meet Our Employees: Amelia and Raquel

Meet these two friends: Amelia, an RN Care Manager (left), and Raquel, a Care Manager (right). Check out their incredible stories and why these two love working with us!

“I have been working in healthcare for over ten years, and I have been a nurse for over five years. During my time working in healthcare, I have been at the bedside, caring for people of all ages and abilities. I started working as an RN CM in Family Care during the last week of March 2018. My transition from the bedside to the world of long-term care management has been a challenge, but I have been surrounded by a world of support at Care Wisconsin. My members brighten my day and inspire me to appreciate all of the wonderful opportunities that life has to offer. I am so happy that I took the leap and accepted a new position at Care Wisconsin, and I am truly proud of the work we do for our members. I feel like I have found my home here, and am I excited to see where my career takes me!” -Amelia

“Care Wisconsin has given me a new outlook on work culture and the population we serve. In my 7 months here, I have spent time laughing with my coworkers, celebrating in our member’s triumphs and lifting each other up during our hard days. There’s not a single day that I come into the office and am not supported by my coworkers in some aspect. I also learn from my members every day and am constantly impressed by their drive to make strides in their life. Through-out my time at Care Wisconsin, I’ve learned that it’s not a disability, it’s just a different ability.” -Raquel