Meet Our Employees: Lela

Meet Lela, a Claims Analyst in the Dane County Office. Read about Lela’s transition from the military and other life changes, to working at Care Wisconsin.

“My life has taken a major turn in the last year. My military career has come to an end this year. I changed companies after 14 years and I turn 50 this year. Now, that is a lot for one person to handle don’t you think! It has been a roller coaster but one I can certainly say that I am thankful to have had my friends with me along the way!!

I had never heard of Care Wisconsin before I came here a year ago through a Temp agency. My background for the last 15 years had been in the Insurance/Claims industry. I was not sure if this was a path I wanted to continue on but after working here at Care Wisconsin, I see another side…

The focus at Care Wisconsin is too take care of our members. I have to say that I love what we do here. The care teams are awesome and have a big responsibility to our members and their peers alike. I truly believe in what we do based on [the feedback from] the providers we work with and the people I work with. I want to say “Thank you” to Care Wisconsin for putting our members first!

Thank you for sharing Lela!