Meet Our Employees: Sarah

Meet Sarah, our Instructional Design Specialist in the Dane County Office. Read about about Sarah’s challenges, successes, and accomplishments below!

“My favorite thing about working for CareWisconsin is that I can be my most authentic self! I am proud of who I am and it’s important to me to work for an organization that reflects my personal values. I value the right to quality of life for everyone. I believe it is essential that we work to dismantle inequities and injustices that disenfranchise people in our communities, and I want to create partnerships that empower all of us to be and do better together. Care Wisconsin provides me work that reflects these values and allows me to pursue my passions in a workplace where I am valued for being me.

September was my 5-year anniversary at Care Wisconsin, and in that time, I have navigated a host of personal and professional challenges and achievements. My colleagues and managers have been there to support me, encourage me, and celebrate with me through every step. Care Wisconsin is filled with caring and dedicated people, in particular managers and a Human Resources team who genuinely want to see employees thrive and be fulfilled in the ways most meaningful to them.

At Care Wisconsin, I am encouraged to use my strengths, pursue my interests, and explore concepts and ideas I am passionate about. In 2014, with encouragement from my manager, I returned to school to pursue my master’s in social work. When I graduated this spring – two job titles and a department transfer later – we found new and exciting ways to put my skills and experience to good use for the continued improvement of our organization. I can’t wait to see where my Care Wisconsin career takes me next!

I’m a real nerd for this place. From the minute I got here, I knew I’d found a place I could grow, learn, and be my best me.

‘Sarah H. is my Care Wisconsin spirit animal.’ – Matt W., HR”

Thanks for being you Sarah! Happy 5 Year Anniversary — We’re lucky to have you here!