Meet Our Employees: Self-Directed Supports Team

Here at Care Wisconsin, we want to celebrate and introduce the vibrant, and extraordinary people that help make our world go ’round! Find something in common and strike up a conversation with someone new. Meet our Self-Directed Supports (SDS) Team based in Dane County! Check out their unique, personal stories below!
“S: Sincere and genuine- what you see is what you get with me!
H: Highly adaptable- I LOVE change! I feel like the more things change the more chances I have to grow and learn.
E: Enthusiastic- I get energy and inspiration from so many different things and so many different people. Thank you all for keeping me moving forward!
L: Laughing- Bringing humor and playfulness into my life helps me relieve stress and recharge my battery.
L: Lucky- Married 20 years (next week), two great kids (ages 15 and 12), and I love my job and the people at Care Wisconsin. What more could a girl need?
I: Into LESS- I’m totally embracing “less” in my life. Having less clutter, being less scheduled and most importantly less stress!”

” ‘It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.’ I believe in trying to make every day count which is why I try to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends as we like to tell each other all the time, “making memories.” Being from the Pacific Northwest, my happy place is anytime I am there hiking or driving through the mountains. I’ve experienced nothing more peaceful than those times. Where should we start? Open your mind and open your heart”.
“Simple acts of kindness and helping others is heartwarming for me. Each creation of a happy little moment by an ordinary conversation waiting in line, washing a friend’s dishes, a compliment, cleaning up litter on a leisurely stroll, a smile, sharing food with a neighbor, etc. I’m a dreamer! By that I mean I dream 6-7 nights a week, sometimes up to three dreams a night…and remember them in the morning! I appreciate sending/writing cards (hello/birthday/holiday), which may have stemmed from a Pen Pal project in third grade and resurfaced again in high school. I believe all animals have their place in someone’s heart, and I would personally love a pet polar bear; however, cats really are the best.” One of her favorite quotes is “Good Food, Bad Food, Takes-Forever-to-Make-Food – we cannot live without it!”
“ ‘Live the life you Love, Love the life you Live’~ Bob Marley.
One thing this quote means for me is traveling with my family and friends to see nature’s beauty, to meet new people, and experience new things. My family and I have a goal to visit all of the National Parks together. Our travels always include waterfall hunting. One of my very favorite places is driving HWY 1 down the West Coast along the ocean from Washington all the way down to California ~ This is my happy place. Kindness, hugs, and smiles are free~ give generously and receive so much more”.

“One of my favorite things to do is to scour flea markets for a ‘diamond in the rough’. You never know what shiny treasure you may find or nostalgic reminder of your childhood. I think it’s a combination of the thrill of the hunt and the appreciation for something that holds value for you in ways that may not always be understood by others. Often I chose something that simply brings a smile to my face or reminds me of a grandparent since passed. My favorite flea markets have been enjoyed with the company of good friends and the sun on my face. There are so many different people that I have met on my journeys and so many of them offer amazing stories to share if you take the time to hear them. I heart junking. If flea markets aren’t your thing, consider instead looking for a treasure of something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.

One of the best things about working on a team is the ability to use the strengths of your teammates to lift you up. I love that about my teammates at Care Wisconsin. If you want to go farther, then go together; and stick with the people who pull the magic out of you!”