Meet Our Employees: Sheri

“I am on the Behavioral Health leadership team and I seek to understand the true, human essence of complex and challenging behaviors. I facilitate clinical consultation with Care Teams to evaluate the origin of behavioral challenges and I develop Behavioral Support Plans. My primary goal is to implement plans that will help to enhance the quality of life for our members, while eliminating mental health stigmas.

No two plans that are created are the same. They are shaped around the person. I think that the first step toward achieving success is to truly recognize that everyone has a story. When you are able to take this step, and to appreciate differences, you are able to possess empathy. That’s the highest form of knowledge- it allows us to achieve the greatest perception of understanding and that is where we make positive changes. My work here at Care Wisconsin feels not only impactful to the colleagues I am able to support, but perhaps more importantly to the greater society

I started my journey with Care Wisconsin as a Care Manager for Jefferson County in 2015. Within that time, I earned my Master’s Degree with a mental health concentration, and moved on to become the Behavioral Health Specialist for the organization.

Care Wisconsin….cares; for countless individuals throughout the state, including its employees. That’s one of the best ways to put it as a perspective from an employee. Without the dedication, understanding, and support of this organization, I would not be who I am today. We are successful in the endeavors we pursue because this organization cares for us—when we are cared for, we are able to care exceptionally well for others.

[As a side note] I also bought a house, got a dog , a few cats, – and some cattle, & got married! I enjoy farming, baking, & crafting during my free time.”

Thanks for sharing Sheri!