Moving has made a complete difference in Richard's life, improving his mood and his health.

A 180-Degree Difference

Richard | February 9, 2018 | Partnership Client

Moving has made a complete difference in Richard’s life. A few months ago he says he was suicidal, but since working with his care team to find a new place to live, his stress, anxiety and depression has dropped considerably.

Damage to the nerve fibers in the brain can cause emotional changes in people like Richard who have Multiple Sclerosis, but the picture today is much better.

“With my MS, not that often, but sometimes, I can get irritable and that can set off a whole chain of events,” he says. “But since I’ve moved, I haven’t had issues.”

Richard had been living in an adult family home that wasn’t working out for him. He had disagreements with the other residents there and complained about the food.

“I was calling my care team all the time,” he says. “I couldn’t stand it.”

Looking for New Options

Richard and the care team had a care conference with staff and brainstormed some ideas about how to make things better. When it turned out that moving was the best option his care team staff narrowed down the list of options to three possible homes, in a few different counties.

“I told them I wanted to stay in Dane County, because my roots are here,” he said. “They told me they would do what they could, but they couldn’t promise me that.”

In the end, an adult family home in Dane County worked out and Richard was able to stay in his community.

“When it happened, I was ecstatic,” he says.

A Real Turnaround

Richard says since he’s moved he has only been down one day around the holidays. He has made a lot of new friends, has had a lot of good laughs, and likes the food. He even met one man who reminded him of his father, who passed away not long ago.

“I was looking at him and he was the spitting image of my dad,” he says. “We spend a lot of time talking now.”

He enjoys taking part in the adult family home’s activities and has already been to the pumpkin patch where they had a hayride, played indoor bowling, and will soon be hosting a Johnny Cash impersonator. For Christmas they had a party and staff bought gifts for the residents.

“They told me that and I said ‘I don’t need anything,’” he said. “I got a big box of chocolates, two layers, which I wolfed down in four days. It was so sweet of them to do that.”

Richard hasn’t had to call the crisis line once since he’s moved. He says he used to call them every other day. Though he was taking medication at the other facility, everything wasn’t coming together for him until now. He also has had fewer Emergency Room visits, which had previously spiked.

“There were times when I wasn’t myself,” he says. “I can’t say enough about what Care Wisconsin did for me. I got a fantastic care team.”

He realizes he’s so happy because he found the right place for him.

“This is a good fit,” he said. “My care team told me that we may have to search and search to find the right fit but we found it.”

It feels so right that Richard says he doesn’t ever want to leave.

“My mood has changed 180 degrees,” he says. “I’m still in shock sometimes.”