Tony's job at a supermarket, where he's called "The Incredible Cleaner," has become an important part of his life.

Bringing Passion to Work for 19 Years

Tony | February 9, 2018 | Family Care Client

For Tony, passion is the key to work.

“He’s outside waiting for the cab an hour and a half early because he’s so excited to do his job,” says his brother Tom.

Tony, a Family Care member in Dodge County with Down’s syndrome, isn’t only passionate about his job, he can also tell you the exact date he started working at the local grocery store. It was August 1, 1995. That’s 19 years ago. That’s longer than many people work anywhere.

He cleans the bathrooms and break rooms, and with all his years of experience likes to call himself “The Incredible Cleaner.” He also likes to remember that his brother and cousin worked at the same store at one time.

He says he would like to teach others how to clean, but doesn’t want anyone else to do his job. When asked what it takes to be a good cleaner he thinks about it for a long time.

“Watch what you’re doing, don’t miss anything,” he says.

The job, and the store have become part of Tony’s life. He also has become a follower of the store. He keeps clippings about it, the previous owners and adds to them, saving additional stories and taking pictures of other grocery stores when he visits other cities.

After so many years, Tony’s job has become a part of him, and he doesn’t like to think about not doing it anymore.

“Not a good idea,” he says, when asked how he would feel if he couldn’t work.

Tony’s brother confirms this, remembering a time when Tony couldn’t go to work.

“Instead, of staying at home he snuck out to go to work,” he says.