Meet Our Members: Dave

Meet our members: Dave

From guitar, to flute, to keyboard, to vocals, you could say Dave is musically inclined. As a boy of 5, he was invited to sing “Oh! Susanna” while at a local supper club. The stage, the attention, the standing ovation – Dave was hooked. He started out on the tonette (similar to a recorder) in school and began his rock career playing at high school sockhops in the 60’s. Dave even had the opportunity to perform on American Bandstand with Dick Clark and one of Dave’s songs topped the charts as a Billboard’s Pick of the Week in the 80’s.

After suffering a fall resulting in a lengthy healing process, Dave is on the mend and looking forward to making more music; he even hopes to release a new album. He’s not quite ready for retirement: “The music is in my head. I still have rock n’ roll in me.”