Mike's new home and Tom's new job have created exciting new benefits for both brothers.

Unexpected Opportunities and Unexpected Rewards

Tom & Mike | February 9, 2018 | Family Care Client

Irv and Lois Koch weren’t expecting anything to change for their two sons, Tom and Mike, who are both members of the Family Care program. But both have experienced change in the past months and both have flourished. Mike, 53, is living in a new home. Tom, 59, is now working at a local restaurant.

An Unexpected Move

When Irv and Lois learned that Mike would need to move out of the facility he had lived in since he was 11, he was upset. His son had done well there overcoming self-abusive behaviors. He was very happy and comfortable there.

“After all those years, he was getting better, and everything seemed to be going so well,” said Irv.

“When we were notified they were closing we were afraid things wouldn’t turn out well.”

But the facility was closing, so there really wasn’t any other choice. Mike’s Care Wisconsin care team worked to help the family find a new home for Mike. They found a group home Mike was able to tour prior to moving into and that turned out to be a good fit.

He has adjusted and is doing well there. Mike has had even fewer behaviors than ever, according to Irv and Lois. The group home is very homey and is also much closer to his parent’s house than the last facility so it is more convenient for them to visit. He has even been able to come home for visits and family events.

Irv and Lois say it turned out better than they could ever have imagined and that the help of the care team was invaluable during the move.

Finding Joy in a New Job

Tom, Mike’s brother, is also making positive changes in his life. He recently took a job at a local restaurant. He has worked in a sheltered workshop for many years but expressed an interest in working in the community.

He was able to work with a job coach who helped him learn the job where he now wipes off the tables and vacuums two days a week. The job has become a big part of his life, one with innumerable benefits

Like most people, he enjoys getting paid and using the money on a few special items. He is a big Elvis fan – he says his two favorite songs are “Love Me Tender” and “Blue Christmas” – and likes to buy CDs and other memorabilia. He is also saving up for a bigger television and possibly a bedroom set.

He has made new friends and enjoys socializing with them at company get-togethers. Irv and Lois have also seen a change.

“I never thought I’d see Tommy out in the community,” Lois says.

With both sons now happy and doing well, the rewards have outweighed any previous doubts.