Finding employment was one of Dustin's goals, so he worked hard to reach it, surpass it, then make a new goal.

Setting Goals and Stretching to Reach Them

Dustin | February 9, 2018 | Family Care Client

For Dustin, there isn’t just one good thing about working, there are many. It’s the people he works with, having weekends and holidays off, the chocolate and caramel cake he got to eat with his coworkers on his birthday, and so much more.

Since he’s started working as a janitor at a public facility he’s had many good experiences and helped his employer in many ways. He works three days a week cleaning and has taken on even more hours as a substitute janitor at another facility. Stretching himself to do a little bit more is just part of his personality, so taking on the extra work isn’t a surprise.

Finding employment has always been one of Dustin’s goals. While he was still in high school – before he joined Care Wisconsin’s Family Care program in 2009 – he spent time one day a week at a vocational training facility. It was there that he expressed an interest in working in a more expanded capacity. As he continued school he received additional job coaching and support and tried out a few jobs before beginning his current position.

Today as a young man Dustin has taken the lessons he’s learned and applied them to his work life. He gets along well with his coworkers, who appreciate both his cheerful nature and good job skills. He is a good worker who they can count on to show up on time and to do the job well. He is also a good communicator and keeps his eyes open for things that need his attention. He makes sure to notice and take care of things, such as spills, on his own, without someone telling him to take care of it. If he does need help, he knows he can always call his job coach, but needs that less and less. All of his hard work has paid off recently in the form of raise.

In his spare time Dustin enjoys watching basketball and baseball and participates in Special Olympics in these sports. He also likes to spend some of his money on video games, but he is also working on a new goal. He would like to get his driver’s license and is studying to take the written test. He is hoping to be able to take the test sometime in the next couple months. For someone who has accomplished so much already, it seems like the next natural step.